New Releases for September 2017

New Releases for September 2017

Magic Awakened (Morgana Chronicles, Book 1) by Meg Cowley
(Arthurian, High Fantasy, Myths & Legends, Young Adult)
Amazon Kindle

Prime Valkyrie (Star Justice, Book 6) by Michael-Scott Earle
(Space Opera, Cyberpunk, Genetic Engineering)
Amazon Kindle

The Saga of Didrik of Bern translated by Ian Cumpstey, with the Dwarf King Laurin
(Translation, Medieval Literature (Scandanavia), Saga, Historical Fantasy)
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Seers Stone (Hidden Alchemy, Book 1) by Holly Evans
(Action & Adventure, Urban Fantasy, LGBT)
Amazon Kindle

Shattered Moons (Fractured Space, Book 3) by J.G. Cressey
(Alien Invasion, Galactic Empire, Space Opera, Science Fiction)
Amazon Kindle | Amazon Print

Space Knight by Samuel E. Green and Michael-Scott Earle
(Colonization, Space Marine, Science Fiction, Sword & Sorcery)
Amazon Kindle | Amazon Print 

Tech Mage (The Magitech Chronicles, Book 1) by Chris Fox
(Science Fantasy, Space Marine, Galactic Empire, Science Fiction)
Amazon Kindle

Tiff in Time (The Fae Killers) by Jaxon Reed
(Urban Fantasy)
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Thrones of Ash (Kingdoms of Sand, Book 3) by Daniel Arenson
(Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Myths & Legends)
Amazon Kindle | Amazon Print | Audible

Unblinking (The Shuttered Lands, Book 1) by Kira Carter
(Young Adult, Dystopian)
Amazon Kindle | Amazon Print

Zakota (Star Guardians, Book 5) by Ruby Lionsdrake
(Galactic Empire, Space Marine, Science Fiction Romance)
Amazon Kindle

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