New Releases

New Releases

Please use the following form to submit self-published new releases and preorders in the following genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Weird, and Speculative Fiction, or any melding or subgenre thereof. Romances that fall within one of those genres are welcome.

Announcements of anthologies and multi-author boxed sets are welcome as long as at least 51% of participating authors are self-published or hybrid, and/or meet our guidelines for unpublished or freelance authors.

To be eligible for listing, the informing email must be received by the 25th of the month in which the book was or will be released. For example, a book scheduled to release on 14 June must be submitted to us by midnight on 25 June our time (Eastern Standard or Daylight Time) to be included in the June new releases list posted on our website on 30 June.

Do not send affiliate links.

Each month’s new releases list contains only those titles published within that month. Submissions for titles released in previous months will be deleted without response.

We reserve the right to refuse the posting of any new release for any reason whatsoever.