Submission Guidelines: Excerpts

Submission Guidelines: Excerpts

Alternate Realms Magazine is devoted to promoting indie created fiction, including long form fiction in excess of 20,000 words. Every Monday on our website, we will feature an excerpt from an indie published work of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Weird, and Speculative Fiction of any subgenre or kind, including those containing strong Supernatural elements, with the exception of novels in which the main plot is a Romance.

At this time, we do not accept excerpts from anthologies or multi-author boxed sets.

Excerpts should be from works of long form fiction self-published within the past thirty days or set to be self-published in the next ninety days. A release date must have been set. We strongly prefer forthcoming fiction to be available for preorder. No non-self-published works will be considered.

Excerpts should be less than 1500 words, convey an intriguing moment of the story, and should not have been published elsewhere outside the book itself, including samples for online retailers and those sent to fans.

To submit an excerpt for consideration, please send an email to The subject line should read: EXCERPT: [Title], where “Title” is the name of the book. In the body, please include your name and e-mail address, the title of the work, the series name and order (if applicable), the pen name used (if applicable), a one to three sentence author biography, the genre(s), the release date, buy or preorder links for all editions (no affiliate links, please), and website, blog, and social media links. Attach the excerpt (.doc or .docx compatible) and the cover to the email. The excerpt should include the title and author of the work. The cover image should be a jpeg at least 400 x 600 in size.

We reserve the right to refuse publication of any excerpt of any kind for any reason.