What We’re Looking For

What We’re Looking For

If you haven’t figured it out from the listing of acceptable genres on the submissions page, then we’ll be blunt: Our tastes in fiction are eclectic. We like so many different kinds of stories, it’s almost impossible to nail down exactly what we’re looking for genre- and mood-wise. We like happy and grim, light and dark, sparkly and…

Ok, maybe not sparkly, especially with vampires, but we think you get the gist; we¬†enjoy a wide range of stories. We’ve listed some below to give you an idea, but don’t be afraid to send us a story falling well outside anything listed, as long as it’s somewhere in the “woo-woo” genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Weird, and Speculative Fiction, plus any conceivable mishmash or subgenre. We even want to see strong romantic subplots!

Where we get picky is with the story itself. We’re looking less for a strict adherence to grammar rules and more for a story that just works. If that sounds incredibly vague, it’s because we don’t want to turn away authors who write in non-standard styles, dialects, and so on, out of a too-strict adherence to rules. Is it well-written and well-crafted? Does the story entertain? Does it make us think or feel? Can we put it down in the middle, or must we absolutely finish it in one sitting? Those are far more important metrics for a story’s value.

The following are stories we especially like. They’re listed in no particular order and are by no means an exhaustive list (we may, in fact, add to this from time to time), but they should grant an idea of the caliber of stories we seek.

  • “Witch’s Hour” by Shannon Connor Winward and “The Woman with the Long Black Hair” by Zach Shephard (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May/June 2017)
  • Jackalope Wives” by Ursula Vernon (Apex Magazine, Jan. 7, 2014)
  • “Broken” by Rachel Caine, “Reclamation” by Yvonne Navarro, and “Episode 22” by Larry Correia (Aliens: Bug Hunt ed. by Jonathan Maberry)
  • “Reflections in Period Glass” by S.M. Azmus and “Ploughshares” by M.W. Keiper (Writers of the Future Vol. 12)
  • “Viral Video” by Adam Gaylord (Phase 2 Magazine, Issue 1)
  • “In Glass” by Richard M. Ankers (Phantaxis Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, Issue 1)
  • Love Engine Optimization” by Matthew Kressel (Lightspeed Magazine, June 2017)
  • The Narrow Escape of Zipper Girl” by Adam-Troy Castro (Nightmare Magazine, June 2017)
  • “An Open Letter to the Person Who Took My Smoothie from the Break Room Fridge” by Oliver Buckram (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July/August 2016)
  • “Progress Report” by Rajnar Vajra (Analog, September 2016)
  • Second Chances” by Stephen Graham Jones (Gamut Online)
  • “Acquisition” by Jake Marley (Writers of the Future Vol. 33)
  • “A Sarcophagus in Obsidian” by Simon Kewin and “The Pianist’s Protege” by Emma Peregrine (Hypnos, Vol. 6, Iss. 1)
  • 15 Things You Should Know before You Say Yes” by Michelle Ann King (Daily Science Fiction, July 10, 2017)
  • Das Steingeschopf” by G.V. Anderson (Strange Horizons, December 12, 2016)
  • The Practical Guide to Punching Nazis” by Alex Shvartsman (Daily Science Fiction, July 31, 2017)
  • Astronauts Can’t Touch You” by Carlie St. George (Daily Science Fiction, September 29, 2017)

Ready to submit? Excellent! Instructions for doing so are here.